Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are my tickets?

A: If you purchased a ticket through this website, you will receive TWO emails.  The first email is your receipt which will show the amount charged and today’s date (the date you purchased your ticket).  The second email contains your actual ticket(s) which will show the date of your hike and a QR code (bar code) which will be scanned at the trailhead.  You can print out your tickets or they can be scanned from your phone.

Q: What if I can’t make it on the day I reserved?

A: Kanarra Falls tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.  You must have valid tickets for the day you wish to hike.  If you want to go on a different day you must purchase new tickets.  Please make sure of the date you wish to hike and get your tickets early as they can sell out well in advance!

Q: Can I buy tickets at the trailhead?

A: Only if they are not yet sold-out online.  MOST DAYS are currently selling out a week or more in advance so no tickets are currently available at the trailhead.

Q: What should I wear on the hike?

A: In the summer, the water depth is usually ankle to mid-calf.  It is spring-fed so it remains cold throughout the year.  You will be walking through streambeds and over rocks so wear comfortable hiking shoes with ankle support that you don’t mind getting wet.  We recommend neoprene or wool socks to keep your feet warmer.  In the springtime, there can be snowmelt runoff which contributes to higher, colder, and faster-moving water.  Dress warmly – even on hot days the temperatures in the slot canyon can be significantly cooler.

Q: What about bringing children?

A: During the summer, children are welcome, although the hike can be long and arduous for the little ones.  Know your abilities and limits and watch them closely, as there are many hazardous obstacles along the trail.  When water levels are running high, small children are strongly discouraged, as even small adults can be swept off their feet.  With the nearest help an hour’s hike away, hypothermia or the slightest injury are real dangers.  Use common sense and extreme caution at all times!

Q: Who is charging the fee?

A: The Town of Kanarraville

Q: How can they charge?

A: Iron county holds a 600-acre lease agreement with Utah State Trust Lands. The Town of Kanarraville is a sub-lessee and is allowed to charge the permit fee and manage the hike as they see fit.

Q: What is the revenue used for?

A: Right off the top, 10% of all funds collected at this site go to Utah schools as administered by Utah Trust Lands, or SITLA. The remainder pays for the following:

  • Employee wages to staff the kiosk
  • Utilities at the kiosk
  • Maintaining the website
  • Toilets, toilet supplies, cleaning, and dumping
  • Weed Control on leased property
  • Storm repairs and fencing
  • Signage
  • Garbage collection
  • Parking lot improvements
  • Street improvements as a result of increased traffic in Kanarraville

Q: Why don’t you allow pets?

A: The trail hike and falls lie within a watershed which supplies both drinking and irrigation water to the Town of Kanarraville and surrounding farms.

Q: What is the status of the town’s water?

A: The town’s water is safe. The creek that the hikers are in is Kanarra Creek and is irrigation water only. It comes from five different springs on Kanarra Mountain and there is water running in the creek year round. The Kanarra Creek Coalition has started testing the creek water monthly and the levels are currently very safe due in part to your diligence in keeping the area free from trash and contamination. 

The town’s culinary water is piped 40 to 50 feet underground to a separate spring. At that point it is piped to the water tank and treated. No surface water comes in contact with the towns drinking water.