The Kanarra Falls Hike is OPEN!
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We are limited to 150 hikers per day.


Hike at Your Own Risk

Kanarra Falls has gained notoriety as a favorite destination for adventure seekers. This is a water hike that requires a bit of sure-footedness as you will be hiking through and next to the stream bed all the way up the canyon. It is recommended that you do not hike alone, and hiking poles and sturdy waterproof hiking boots are suggested (no flip-flops!). To hike past the 1st falls you will will need to scale a 20-foot aluminum ladder.  The ladder may be icy, wet, and slippery.  A little farther up the trail you will need to scale/climb a large boulder on the right side of the canyon with no ladder or handholds to continue on. However, the challenge will be worth it to see and experience a beautiful location with a natural pool and small waterfalls surrounded by flat rocks where you can relax or enjoy a picnic. Finally, you will reach a narrowing slot canyon that will take you to the 2nd and final falls.

For your own safety, and the safety of other visitors, do not construct or use makeshift rope or log ladders.

USE CAUTION AT ALL TIMES!  Iron County Search and Rescue Personnel have informed us that it can take up to 7 Hours to respond and transport injured hikers out of the canyon, so we can’t stress this enough.  DON’T GO BEYOND THE 2ND FALLS!  YOUR SAFETY is our FIRST PRIORITY!



This means you can NOT resell your tickets online or in person. This is for your protection against fraudulent use or ticket scamming. Please do not purchase tickets sold on social media, or anywhere other than

Tickets cannot be RESCHEDULED!

Tickets are valid ONLY on the date for which they are issued.  If you want to reschedule, you will need to purchase new tickets.

Be Prepared!

Not Recommended For Small Children

While Kanarraville Falls can be considered a family-friendly canyoneering excursion that doesn’t require special gear or climbing equipment, it can be challenging for children younger than 8 or anyone with physical limitations to continue on past the first falls.  Remember there are several obstacles to climb up and over, slippery/uneven surfaces and a high ladder to traverse.

Flash Flood Danger!

Kanarra Creek is a slot canyon and there is a very real danger from flash flooding. Flash floods can occur at any time of year but are most common in July, August, and September, and usually in the late afternoon. Check the local forecast and remember conditions change quickly; go to the National Weather Service Website for the most current information. Know your escape routes, be aware of rising water levels, stronger currents and sudden changes in water clarity. By entering a narrow canyon or wash, you are assuming a risk. The hike may be closed on short notice if there is a threat of heavy rain or thunderstorms.

Bathroom Facilities

There is a bathroom facility in the Falls parking lot, and one more located near the beginning of the hike. Please remember to “go before you go” and pack out all trash.

Feet/Boot Washing Station

There is a water spigot located in the parking lot for washing off your muddy boots and feet.  PLEASE HELP US KEEP OUR BATHROOMS CLEAN BY RINSING OFF AT THIS LOCATION INSTEAD OF IN THE SINKS LOCATED IN THE BATHROOM FACILITY!

Absolutely No Pets!

Leave pets at home – Kanarra Creek is the watershed for Kanarraville town. Human and animal feces can cause contamination.

Hours of Operation

The Kanarra Falls Trail is open from dawn to dusk throughout the spring, summer and fall, and limited hours during the winter.  Because of the limited number of permits available, it is strongly recommended that you reserve your tickets online in advance.  Advance tickets for this year are available for purchase through December 31st.  Advance tickets for next year will become available starting January 1st.  Tickets will not be sold at the trailhead once the daily limit is reached.

Leave No Trace

Plan Ahead + Prepare

Proper planning and preparation helps hikers accomplish trip goals safely and enjoyably while minimizing damage to natural resources.

Travel on Durable Surfaces

Damage to land occurs when visitors trample vegetation beyond recovery. The resulting barren areas develop into undesirable trails and erosion.

Dispose of Waste Properly

Pack it in, pack it out – Inspect your surroundings for trash or spilled foods. Accept the challenge of packing out all trash, human waste, leftover food, and litter.

Leave What You Find

Allow others a sense of discovery, and preserve the past. Leave rocks, plants, animals, artifacts, and other objects as you find them.

Respect Wildlife

Help keep wildlife wild; observe from afar, avoid disturbing and give them a wide berth, especially during breeding/birthing seasons. Never feed wildlife. Leave pets at home.

Be Considerate of Others

Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience. Be considerate of other visitors and respect their privacy. Keep distance between you and other parties. Let nature’s sound prevail. Avoid loud noises and voices. If you need music, use headphones.

Permit Requirement and Fee

  1. The NON-REFUNDABLE permit fee is $12.00 PER PERSON (children ages 3 and under are free) and includes free parking** at the trailhead and all processing and handling fees.  We do not offer group or non-profit discounts.  If the daily limit of hikers has not been reached, hiking permits can still be purchased at the trailhead and credit/debit cards are preferred. CASH purchases are discouraged.

** RV and Trailer parking is at Center Street and 100 West in Kanarraville. (Parking is limited and tight for turning around large vehicles).

2. The hike is limited to 150 PEOPLE PER DAY.  Once the daily limit is reached, no further tickets will be sold.  It is strongly recommended that you reserve your tickets online in advance.  Weekends during the spring and summer are very busy and are likely to be sold out several days in advance.

3. There are no group or child discounts available at this time

4. You will receive TWO emails after submitting your payment.  The first one is your receipt which shows today’s date and the amount of your purchase.  The second e-mail contains your actual ticket(s) for the date you selected.  Each ticket has a QR code (like a bar code) which you will need to either print out or be able to display on your phone for scanning at the trailhead.  Scanning will void the permit and it cannot be used again.  If you do not receive your emails within a few minutes of placing your order, email or call (435) 590-7490.

5. Tickets may ONLY be used on the date for which they are purchased.  If you want to reschedule, you must purchase new tickets!  The only exception to this is if the trail is CLOSED by the Town of Kanarraville for flash-flooding or other reasons.  In this case, you may only reschedule to a date which is not sold out.  Contact Holly Hadley, Kanarra Falls Manager at (435) 590-7490, or email for assistance.  There are NO REFUNDS.

6. Tickets for Kanarra Falls are non-transferable – meaning you can NOT resell your tickets online or in person. This is for your protection against fraudulent use or ticket scamming. Please do not purchase tickets sold on social media, or anywhere other than